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Cost of Practicum

In the UK, there are two types of fees to pay for the Group Theraplay® Practicum:

 Theraplay® UK Fees

These fees cover administration of the practicum and certificates, Intermediate and Final Stage evaluations, and a range of other linked services such as organising webinars, web supervisions, and management of issues that arise.  All fees are paid via Theraplay® UK (

Supervision Fees

These fees are payable for the supervisor’s time, guidance and administration. Students can have supervision with a Certified Theraplay® Supervisor in the UK in person or via the internet.  Depending on the kind of supervisor you have selected will determine how these fees are paid.

Supervision Fees

For the Intermediate and Final Stage Evaluations, students are allocated a supervisor other than their regular one. This is usually with a US supervisor and the fee is part of the registration fee paid to the TTI at the beginning of the Intermediate or Final Stage.

Kind of Supervisor


Payment Method

UK independent

c£60-80 per session

directly to supervisor

Supervision Fees

The figures below are for illustration at an hourly supervision rate of £70 



Fee to

Theraplay UK




at £70







Fee to

Theraplay UK




at £70






Payment of registration fees should be made directly to Theraplay UK at the start of each practicum stage. Payment of supervision fees should be made as agreed with the supervisor either per session or in pre-paid blocks.

Refund and Cancellations

All registrations fees paid are non-refundable. Funds held on account for supervision not completed at the time the student withdraws or is counselled out of the practicum, will be refunded. Certification cannot be granted until all fees have been paid.


  • For supervision to count towards certification, the student must be supervised by a Certified Theraplay® Supervisor or one currently in the supervisors’ practicum.

  • The student may pause the practicum or end after any stage.

  • Only students who have an accredited body and a relevant professional qualification can progress beyond Foundational Stage.

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