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About Theraplay UK

Our fundamental aim is that Theraplay® UK will serve the needs of children and families through the provision of high-quality Theraplay® training and certification to suitable professionals.  Theraplay® UK was set up in July 2020, directed by Viv Norris and Fiona Peacock, and works in tandem with The Theraplay® Institute (TTI) in the US.  The development of the organisation is supported by a steering group that meets quarterly and working groups that meet regularly.  We book all UK trainings and manage the Supervisors-in-Training and Trainers-in-Training programmes. We match practicum students with local supervisors and will take over responsibility for the Dyadic and Group Practicums on 1 January 2024.

Fiona Peacock and Vivien Norris, Co-directors, 2023

What is Theraplay?

A conversation with Theraplay UK Directors Fiona Peacock and Vivien Norris.

Theraplay UK is an affiliate of The Theraplay® Institute. Theraplay® is a registered service mark of The Theraplay® Institute in the United States, Australia, Canada, the European Union (with the exception of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Benelux), Hong Kong, Japan, Norway, South Korea and Chile.  For more information about Theraplay service mark guidelines click here.

About The Theraplay Institute

The Theraplay® Institute is the headquarters of Theraplay, a psychotherapy practiced worldwide to help children and families with attachment disorders, developmental delays, and behavioral struggles. The mission of The Theraplay Institute is to facilitate child and family emotional well-being by promoting the Theraplay modality and principles while maintaining global standards for the practice of Theraplay through professional certification and development, engagement, and education in Theraplay.

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