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You will use Theraplay informed practice in your work as you are an accredited/registered member of a professional body that requires you to work within a framework of ethical practice and has a complaints procedure in place, which clients can access


Determine your eligibility for Theraplay training.


Register for a training program.

  • Currently scheduled programs. If you have a group of individuals seeking to be trained and are interested in hosting a Theraplay training, please contact us.

  • Complete the Training Registration Form on JotForm.


Complete your training evaluation.

  • An evaluation form will be sent to you from The Theraplay Institute. Fill out this form to receive your certificate of attendance.


Consider Theraplay supervision.

  • Even if you aren’t ready to pursue certification, sessions with a Certified Theraplay Supervisor can assist you in starting to implement Theraplay into your practice. One-off individual or group sessions may be scheduled with one of our supervisors.


Sign up for practicum.

  • Whether working with individuals or groups, Foundational Certification is recommended by Theraplay UK and The Theraplay Institute as minimum best practice. If you are an accredited or registered member of a professional body (e.g. HCPC, PSA, BACP) you can progress to Intermediate and Certified practitioner.

You will only use Theraplay informed practice in an employed role where the organisation that employs you holds clinical responsibility for your work and has a complaints procedure in place to respond to clients.

  • You confirm that your work will be covered by appropriate professional liability insurance for Theraplay-informed practice, held either personally or via your employment.


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